Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dream Killer

You're a murderer
Killing dreams and
Beating back beams
Of sparkling light
That is my spirit
Not with it
Standing behind
Shaking your finger
Puncturing my glory
Changing my story
I hate I have to frown
Just to be around
Don't know what you do
Your dark cloud crashes
Down on my head
Coloring my essence
Like red dye number two
In my mashed potatoes, yuck
I spent too much time
Thinking about you
So many hours dreaming
About all we'd do
I'm a damn blueberry
I'm blue
Now I'm through
Do you
I'm a fool in a bubble
Pop me like a zit, shit
I can't no more
It's your game
You have high score
It's poker face
Back in line
Again in the race
This time I apply red
To turn my blue head purple
Time to break and take
No love to make
Who got next
I want them on their knees
Sucking out all the hurt
You left me with
Harder faster
Deep throat my woes
Let it run from your nose
Wait I'm not finished
I still have pain
Back in line again
Who next
I'm on a roll
Killing my own dreams
Or so it seems
Sweaty thoughts
And naked ambitions
I'm free
To destroy me
If I wanna

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