Friday, April 23, 2010

He Knew

He knew
what He gave to you
He knew you'd pick and choose
not know
and also know
what you'd do
He knew
you would soar
or spiral down
your mind would shake
shatter wound
around in out over
wake up
get the best and worst of you
He knew
your heart would love hate yearn bleed
your body would want take need
free will
would mean pain and glory
He knew
you'd have to tell your story
you'd say ask ponder
wanting hoping wishing
to feel alive purposeful
a being
bashful shameful
boastful wonderful
embrace your gifts
exploit them too
giving caring dying
for others to think
act and do
like you
be with you
want need you
the figment the real
the complete deal
love yourself first
the curse
the courage
He knew
to know the whole
is to grapple the good and bad
let it torment your soul
fill your veins
with all the stains
from early past
to present thought
because He knew
it would be Him
you sought
would carry you
He knew

Sunday, April 11, 2010

no way sunday

i cannot write every day
to my dismay
but it's okay, i guess
not like the rest
who do
boo hoo
but no
it's what comes
and then i give
there's no race
or test at the end
i wish i could finish number ten
in the short story collection
so i can hit send
you know i thought of this rant
in my sleep, and tossed and turned
and said i can't
do this
it's torture
but what i live for
dinner with friends
at a peruvian restaurant
last night, so good
it should
always be a moment
like that
but this moment
i must write
ok but after toast
and cappuccino
i know
i will
and also call my mom
to say hello
it's almost noon
and again she'll ask how soon
before i'm on the island
it's countdown
much to do
so let me clear my head
and make my bed
and eat and walk
and call and write
and stop slouching
sit up tall
and write and edit
before i hit a wall
and the tv calls me
to break
oh for pete's sake
gotta go

Thursday, April 1, 2010

he says she says they ask why

As the sun
puts me to sleep
he says
every night
I ask myself
she says
why can’t I find
my soul mate
he asks
every morning
as I rise
she says
I turn and find
no one there
he says
to kiss in
the new day
she says
it is getting harder
to go on
he says
with a soul
and no mate
she says
but still
I continue to seek
he says
and as the sun
puts me to sleep
she says
every night
I ask myself
they ask