Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Save Me

Rabbit hungry
Bird fall from tree
Mother earth listen
I want to be
Whistling in your field
Money green
Harvest full
Help wipe me clean
Go get farmer
To medicine man
Give me a bag
Let me float
Let my butterfly free
Roasted seeds of life
Bush paper burns
Below shining stars
My soul yearns
Restore my faith
I want to see tonight
Tomorrow let me know
Glow of warm sunlight
Soak in the water calm
No matter the wind
Tonight wash away ache
Good old bottle of gin


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Didn't See This

I died a little today
I am at a shop
Around the corner
Having a cup of black
At least you could have said goodbye
Why do I have to ask you why
Where did I go that led you there
Saying you will never come back
That you really don't care
I chew the inside of my lip
I taste my blood
Like sickness in my mouth
I'm collapsing from the inside
Gnawing pain in my wrist
Body in a twist
I'm having those thoughts again
I think today will be the end
I can't settle on how to do it
A gun, pills
Jumping off the Roosevelt Bridge
To go means to never come back
I wouldn't care but
I want to see you again
And if I leap
You win
But I'm a better player
I know the rules
I wrote them
But the rookie rises, surpasses
And I slouch on a counter stool
Eating two sugar donuts
Looking for my pride
At the bottom of a coffee cup
And the courage to leave the shop
What happens now
I go home and wait
Maybe you will come
Get your things
I didn't see this