Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hands In The Dirt

Hands in the dirt
Dancing with Mother Earth
By now you've guessed
I'm blessed
My journey's begun
And already I've won
Sea and sun
Regrets are none
Retired who me
I'm just getting started
Barely parted
Ocean, mountain, road
Grab hold
To my destiny
It's endless the view
Think I'll have a swim
Before the sun goes dim
Then a Carib
Hurry hurry
Come for curry
Goat and Buss-up-Shut
Liming in the gallery
Thank you
And you and you and you
For stopping thru

Friday, August 13, 2010

the social

as far as the eye can see
chill is in overload
it starts with you and me
a cornucopia

moving through the space
and sounds of happy
we rejoice the good people race
and celebrate each other

we travel towards the light
at the end of the bud
'til the late hours of the night
holdin' it down in the blue room

spirits overflow (hey, where's the ice)
bread is broken
we are one with the earth
the mind becomes a breeding ground
for thoughts too great to imagine now

friendship pervades the air
bubbles collide and make somersaults
surrounded by yellow, gold and brown
the joy is busting through
like biscuits in a can

okay i should put this drink down

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


in the summer
can't be beat
with all her heat

found myself
in washington square
ran into a street fair

bought a thing or two
feeling new
still lots to do
cocktails later with you