Thursday, April 18, 2013

content [adj]

I wish
I had more time

I wish
I didn't wish
for things not mine

I dream
I no longer dream
for another life

This one
keeps me


Friday, January 4, 2013

After Noon

She wants to know what I'm doing
I'm not doing anything
We're both doing nothing

I'm moving, she's moving
around the house
We're busy
looking for something to do

Come, let's watch TV

She lays across the bed
Her head rests on two pillows
Feet stretched in striped socks,
each toe pushing a color

I have the remotes
One for the screen and
one for the cable box
I'm flipping through
She doesn't know what she wants
to watch, just anything will do
She's happy for the company

She sits up

Do you want cover?
Do you want me to turn on the air conditioner?
Is it too much light for you?
Do you want a drink?

She lays back down

She wants to take care of me
She can't help it
She's done it her whole life