Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bring Me To Great

I need a Limitless pill
No, not for an ordinary thrill
I want to be sharper than me
Recall everything I read
Know all that I see

I wish to be a Jumper
Force my mind
Will me there
Cairo, Tokyo, Albuquerque
Teleport bravely through the air

But here I shade
Under a Silk Cotton tree
Surrounded by spirits
Eyeballing me

I am barefoot
My head wrapped in cotton
I am from another planet
Or just insane

I dream I was
A ripple in the sea
Pushing me far from doubt
Closer to the magnificent me

You know, I was born for greatness
My angel told me so
But I am tormented
Forbidding blessings to flow

So I travel
Like, like
My feet are on broken glass
Taking every breath
Like each my last

But I can’t wait
For a pipe
Or mature man‘s cane
To tell who I am
Because I live not in vain

Soon very soon
They should see
All that I hear
Crowned is a state of mind
Not just a blood line

I don't need a jeweled head
A wreath full of thorn
I began as somebody
The day I was born

I’m scared though
How do I tell it
I don’t have precious words
How do I share my gift
Still my unknown

No matter, it is time
Time to go
Receive my throne
Time to accept
This royal life, my own