Tuesday, March 20, 2012

for the New Year

Are you still with that man?
The one you call
"He ain't my husband,
he's just a man I live with"
You know, I'm back in the village
I can't stop thinking of you
Let me give you sweets
for the New Year
Are you still working life down?
Beating your heels on the hot ground
Dodging near misses and close calls
Dragging your crown all over town
I've got a nicer ride
I eat better too
I know it doesn't matter
I'm just telling you
Let me give you sweets
for the New Year
How's the little one?
Does she work the five and dime?
You know, it's a different world
Don't spend her time
She deserves wings
to soar; so much more
Are you ready?
You're holding on
to boogie monsters
Don't be a fool for your strength
Stubborn false pride
Wishing everyday you'd died
Living life like it lied
Let me, let me give you sweets
Sweet nothings, sweet some things
Sweet sounds and silence
Sweet days, sweet nights
Love and balance
Sweet times, peace
Higher aims to know
Sweet inspiration
to get up and go


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dance With Me

Place your hand with mine
The prism of our time
You and me
We said forever, see
You pull away
Come, dance with me
Near you makes it better
I want to feel
What do you want?
Dance, dance for me
Let me see you smile
Move your hair
Let's just two-step in time
Let our bodies change your mind
These lights, I'll turn down
Is that okay?
This shirt, I don't need
Shall I stop or continue play?
See me as I am today
Asking for again
Give love another chance
Dance, baby, dance
I am a drone with no queen
A drake across the pond
This emptiness I can't take
H e l p  m e
M a k e  i t
G o  a w a y
D a n c e
Dance for me
Hear the conga's heat
Let it go, let it out
Pound my chest
I didn't mean to push you
What I once said
I meant, I still do
Yes, these are words
They have no flight
Until mind and action clasp hands
A heart makes it right
I want to dance with you
I am flawed, this you know
But a rainbow
Comes when eyes dry
Don't let me be the dream you fear
We still can have forever
Dance, dance with me


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Standing There

Hazy lazy
No more burn
The day's light dimmed
Half past five
I'm holding on
Your soft skin
So warm on me
The sign of the cross
Is the sway of the palm tree
The earth's whisper blows
Like love on me
A better fit
You on me
Goldfish eyes
Sweet heavy lids
Over my shoulder
One foot lost in the sand
A little orange painted toe
Bores a hole
Like a crab digging out
Inhale exhale
Tiredness says hello
We should head for home
But we don't leave
We can't let go
We're in a close embrace
A lover's moment
We feel too good
Hugging, holding, standing there
A pair