Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dance With Me

Place your hand with mine
The prism of our time
You and me
We said forever, see
You pull away
Come, dance with me
Near you makes it better
I want to feel
What do you want?
Dance, dance for me
Let me see you smile
Move your hair
Let's just two-step in time
Let our bodies change your mind
These lights, I'll turn down
Is that okay?
This shirt, I don't need
Shall I stop or continue play?
See me as I am today
Asking for again
Give love another chance
Dance, baby, dance
I am a drone with no queen
A drake across the pond
This emptiness I can't take
H e l p  m e
M a k e  i t
G o  a w a y
D a n c e
Dance for me
Hear the conga's heat
Let it go, let it out
Pound my chest
I didn't mean to push you
What I once said
I meant, I still do
Yes, these are words
They have no flight
Until mind and action clasp hands
A heart makes it right
I want to dance with you
I am flawed, this you know
But a rainbow
Comes when eyes dry
Don't let me be the dream you fear
We still can have forever
Dance, dance with me


1 comment:

  1. # I am flawed, this you know
    But a rainbow
    Comes when eyes dry...

    Lovely lines...
    a earnest desire to correct things and one more chance.. in the form of dance :)

    Awesome simon