Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How I Feel

What can I say
To make it okay
Your heart I want to mend
Let me be your lover friend
The others didn't prepare
Didn't stroll your garden with care
Didn't tend the rose that's you
Hello there
I've been listening
For you to feel the way I do
To love me too
Must I ask again
To be more than friend
Like a flame
You light my soul
Make me feel real
Make me whole
I can't ask again
I can't
Say how I really feel
I guess I wait

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Days

Stomping in rain puddles
Sledding on snowy streets
Cones from ice cream trucks
Catching crawfish in creeks
Fireflies in a jar
Dandelions blow afar
Riding Big Wheels around the block
Splashing friends in the pool
Soft kisses behind the school
Saturday at the movies
I remember when

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mixed Up Crazy Wonderful

The gifted are homeless
Pretty people too short to model
Nurturing women childless
Born leaders follow and waddle

Arab boys parlent francais
Chinese girls hablan espanol
Gelato shops in Athens
Many worship the playa del sol

We talk by typing
Listen to talk TV
We date by skyping
What a mixed up crazy
Wonderful world
This is for me

Crepes and kebabs
New York street fairs
Senegalese on the Champs
Sell their wares

Saudis into Oprah
Tunisians in sushi bars
Russian boxer mom
Lives German life
Portuguese guy in Auckland
Studies English far from Sao Paulo home
Ethiopian Canadian
Journeys Dubai on her own

Adventure across country
No one knows your name
In search of more or less the same
Atlanta to Los Angeles three days
Paris to Amsterdam cafes

Art on the body
Express love honor connection
Vanity is big mind business
Obsession with size and complexion
What is wrong with gray hair

Woman sees Christ in toast
Man guards train station with rifle
Why when I put forth current day thought
For you to hear me I have to cite the bible
The constitution, law or ancestral view
These geniuses had what when they wrote this stuff
Couldn't I be the future just a bright fellow too
Couldn't what I say just be enough

Imagine a world without difference
A place you did not belong
No color no fragrance no soft or hard
A heart silent without song

Imagine joy and laughter
From everyone you meet
Clean water from the pipe
Red cherries on the tree
Less concrete under your feet

What an amazing time
To be alive and live in truth
Where people are a quarter, half
Three-eights this and that
And a hundred percent
Embracing youth

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Something In the Air

I hate to sit inside sad
But this is the space
I guess I should embrace

Almost two in the morning
A loved one has a scare
I rush to the hospital
To get him there

Mustering courage
Fooling fear
I try not to think
The stories they would tell
If he doesn't make it
I just have to get to where
White pills in a plastic cup
Quickly heal
Killer attacks in his chest

Stretched out on the bed
He writhes in pain
Between each bawl is a moan
My eyes switch and rest on her
His life partner
Is she feeling alone

She keeps repeating
If you weren't here
If you weren't here
I don't know what I'd do
I hope to ease the worry
I say you don't have to
I'm not going anywhere

Split seconds
But every minute seems an hour
I juggle tiredness aloneness
Calm concern duty and care

Needles in his arm
Tests run
No results up
Before the sun

Minutes after four
I drive her home
She needs to rest
I want to sleep
I never went to bed that night
I lie down and fight to stay awake
I wait for the sun and day to break

I frown about the road back
But I'm not the one in pain
So at the country hospital
Here I am again

Six twenty I'm bedside
He's better eyes more wide
Doctor comes to share
Angina has him here
A pill under the tongue
He will be okay

What was all that talk before
About death and dying
Is something in the air
Too much free open denying
Nothing but time stress despair

That was three days ago
Now first day of the year
More worrisome news I hear
Another loved one in the sick hotel
Many miles away
No one knows yet
If he'll be okay

I need to be held
Finish the race
Stay the course
Life is good
It gives you what it would
Lessons everyday
Time to love give pray

When my brain is dead
What will carry forth
When my heart stops singing
Do tunes still play

Slippers on the floor
No feet on the ground
I'm lying on the bed
Telling myself
Hold on
Stay strong