Saturday, January 1, 2011

Something In the Air

I hate to sit inside sad
But this is the space
I guess I should embrace

Almost two in the morning
A loved one has a scare
I rush to the hospital
To get him there

Mustering courage
Fooling fear
I try not to think
The stories they would tell
If he doesn't make it
I just have to get to where
White pills in a plastic cup
Quickly heal
Killer attacks in his chest

Stretched out on the bed
He writhes in pain
Between each bawl is a moan
My eyes switch and rest on her
His life partner
Is she feeling alone

She keeps repeating
If you weren't here
If you weren't here
I don't know what I'd do
I hope to ease the worry
I say you don't have to
I'm not going anywhere

Split seconds
But every minute seems an hour
I juggle tiredness aloneness
Calm concern duty and care

Needles in his arm
Tests run
No results up
Before the sun

Minutes after four
I drive her home
She needs to rest
I want to sleep
I never went to bed that night
I lie down and fight to stay awake
I wait for the sun and day to break

I frown about the road back
But I'm not the one in pain
So at the country hospital
Here I am again

Six twenty I'm bedside
He's better eyes more wide
Doctor comes to share
Angina has him here
A pill under the tongue
He will be okay

What was all that talk before
About death and dying
Is something in the air
Too much free open denying
Nothing but time stress despair

That was three days ago
Now first day of the year
More worrisome news I hear
Another loved one in the sick hotel
Many miles away
No one knows yet
If he'll be okay

I need to be held
Finish the race
Stay the course
Life is good
It gives you what it would
Lessons everyday
Time to love give pray

When my brain is dead
What will carry forth
When my heart stops singing
Do tunes still play

Slippers on the floor
No feet on the ground
I'm lying on the bed
Telling myself
Hold on
Stay strong

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