Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Gotta Keep Losing You

Time has passed
Bruises not forgotten, healed
And yet seeing you again hurts my heart
I know it’s better we're apart
So I gotta keep losing you
But there you are and in my brain
Thoughts of love and pain
The feelings, the stain
Takes me right there again
You got me insane
So I gotta keep losing you
You can't guarantee
You won't disappoint
Like the first, fourth, sixth
Time who's counting
You are who you are
You who I hate and adore
I can't be your kitty bling no more
So I gotta keep losing you
You know I haven't been the same
Trying hard to forgot your name
But here you are again
Stroking me like your tongue ring
Stalking the kid within
Come out, come out and play
I already gave my love away
What more can I do or say
Please love me, no please go
I won't beg
You know too much already
And there's more to tell
I'm no good alone
But I'm no better with you
Let me lay my head down
Tell me what you want from me
Before you make me run and hide
You know I gotta keep losing you
I wish I didn't want to


Monday, December 19, 2011

Blue Freedom

I'm dressed in blue

Me too

I have no choice
It's a choice for you
You wear shorts
A clean, toothpaste smile
It's been broken for a while
Standing as a soldier
In an army of wars with myself
Scaling a cell wall hearing
Shotguns I once fired in my head
Making beats on the cage door
Lockdown it's been eight
Ten years more
All for a fuckin' score

Yeah I'm not in that box like you
No prison guard telling me what to do
But I'm trying to cope
Stay alive too
I'm not in total hell
But this frying pan of a world, well
I'm in hot oil and it's pricking me
So no, I don't want to be you
I've got my own blue
But be careful what you think is free
I'm not sure that's me


Friday, October 21, 2011

Between Us

A kiss
One simple kiss
My lips
On your lips
I lay next to you
Talk to your heart
Your eyes touch
Your hands say
Hug me, hold me tight
Make me feel all right
Your breath
On my bare skin
What we do
Is not a sin
Love will always win
When the world stops
I know I am with you
When the night falls
I know you love me too
And in the morning
When the first train calls
Think of me


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fast Train

Sitting on the 4
Fourteen eyes
Maybe more
Stare down the floor
I'm breathing
Breathing I don't know
The express is hitting hard
Rattling through the yard
Gotta get to the city
No time for delay
My thoughts on display
I'm breathing
Breathing I don't knows
No one looks, never
Left or right, eyes
Straight across shut real tight
Only me who moves
Glancing up to see
Curious me
Wanna feel the ride
Baby I'm breathing
Breathing like a spy
I see seven pairs in a row
How broken kicks flow
Sneakers, flips and boots
Crossed and linked apart
Toe kissing, heal clicking
Sign of the times
On their way, work and play
Or maybe just mayhem today
Gotta get paid anyway
Nobody's really gonna say
Rushing, open, closing, in and out
Two stops to go about
But I wanna know
Alone in the push
What won't our bodies show
Our minds conceal
I'm breathing
Breathing I don't know


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bring Me To Great

I need a Limitless pill
No, not for an ordinary thrill
I want to be sharper than me
Recall everything I read
Know all that I see

I wish to be a Jumper
Force my mind
Will me there
Cairo, Tokyo, Albuquerque
Teleport bravely through the air

But here I shade
Under a Silk Cotton tree
Surrounded by spirits
Eyeballing me

I am barefoot
My head wrapped in cotton
I am from another planet
Or just insane

I dream I was
A ripple in the sea
Pushing me far from doubt
Closer to the magnificent me

You know, I was born for greatness
My angel told me so
But I am tormented
Forbidding blessings to flow

So I travel
Like, like
My feet are on broken glass
Taking every breath
Like each my last

But I can’t wait
For a pipe
Or mature man‘s cane
To tell who I am
Because I live not in vain

Soon very soon
They should see
All that I hear
Crowned is a state of mind
Not just a blood line

I don't need a jeweled head
A wreath full of thorn
I began as somebody
The day I was born

I’m scared though
How do I tell it
I don’t have precious words
How do I share my gift
Still my unknown

No matter, it is time
Time to go
Receive my throne
Time to accept
This royal life, my own


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lady Love I

A sweet blackberry
In the oyster pearl
The moon's howl
Sends my heart awhirl

Coffee hills and valleys
A majestic see
Curves of grace
Calls to me

Warm crimson henna
On the hand petite
A vine of little flowers
Stretch the arm complete

Gentle feet
Adore with my tongue
Cleanse the sole
Concerto no. 21

Lick the ruby red stone
Pierced in your neck
Bow head to the diamond cross
Adorned in the cleft of your breast

Brush your hair
Spy at chance
Massage your light
A poetic dance

Drink your joy tears
Swallow one
Pops in my mouth
Cherry ecstasy gum

Lay soft kisses
Lovingly upon you
Taste each drop
The afternoon dew

Mint candy breath
Honey wine lips
Vintage your year
Naturally squeezed
Delicious brown Asian pear

Pulp soft and true
I drown in your essence
Intoxicating grind
Blowing my mind

I submit
My chariot on fire
The goodness inside

Bathe long in your night fragrance
Absorb your morning new
Caress your rose petals
Simply loving you


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Pacing in circles
Going no where
Leave me
Leave me be
Let me drown in hypocrisy
I want to walk uncomfortable
In my own skin
Falling at the ground
Of a world I thought I knew within
After tear
After fear
After scare
After year
Just leave me
Leave me be
Leave me lying here
You say my eyes so beautiful
When tears fall
My skin so thin
Every feeling gets in
But my name's not Leeloo
My hair not orange glow
I think you're trying
Trying to prick my mind
Fool my heart again
I'm not blind
Leave me
Leave me be
Let me live
All or nothing
Miserably free
You want pull my shell
Well, if you do I die
Go ahead
I'm already bleeding
Give it one more try
Bash my brain
With empty songs
Woes nobody knows
Strangle me
With half truth all lies
Give me the earth you despise
Leave me
Let me go
Pushing sea through my window
Flooding my head
I'm counting rain clouds
Trapped on the bed
Feeling like a hundred wars
Covered in snores
Here, these are yours
Bang bang, dead


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Does Anybody Care

Stripped bare
Do you care
I'm stripped
Stripped bare

My soul's on fire
Heart in ice
Is this hell
Or sacrifice

Stripped bare
Does anybody care
Everyday nightmare

Run, running scared
What, what have I done
Spirit haunted
Devil's game zero one

Stripped I'm bare
Why do you care
Broken, stripped
Dry eyes no tear

Lodged in a corner
In a box I made
Digging out
Way deep I wade

Stripped bare
Who care
Naked me
Lying here

No one knows
What burns
My eyes every turn
Dark no more surprise

Stripped bare
No don't care
Feel for the
End be near

Does anybody care
Stripped bare
Does anybody care


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sigh Simon sigh
Keep your feeling high
Why is your life so
Why ask why
Listen Simon listen
Quiet at night's noise
Voice is yours
Speak Simon speak
Could be worse
This road you're on
Only yours
Walk Simon walk
Inside falling
Holding on
To what's gone
Feel Simon feel
What it is today
Let go yesterday
Pray Simon pray
No where to go but here
Can't see right there
No way to be but me
Sing Simon sing
Songs in any key
It's okay you'll see
Run Simon, don't run
Don't run Simon


For You

This is for you
You looking, wanting
Wanting to complete, take
Take, take all
All that you see
See your way free
Free to drink
Drink be free
Lick every drop of me
Me, nectar
Nectar of life, sweet
Sweetness, I am as you see
See me, I am here
Here for you, devour me
This is for you
You wishing, hoping
Hoping to whole, take


Saturday, July 2, 2011


A mess of golden brown
Sunny in a bubbly white skirt
Back up singers: Link, Patty, Frank, Banger
"Here's to you" lightly buttered
Nana canta water honey
Hot green


Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ice on tongue
Cools me down
I sit
On the red clay step
My afternoon spot
Back propped
On the white laundry door
I rest
Legs lazy sprawled
Nearly touching the stones
Ice on tongue
Old man says
Today is perfect
Plant vegetables if you may
A feast
The body and blood
His teachings say
A good harvest will come
Sow on Corpus Christi
Ice on tongue
It may be true
I want to please
Something to do
Lady next door
Her okra garden
3 inches already
Excites me
Ice on tongue
Early, long
I work
My one old shovel
It holds me
Good enough
A small bed in the corner
I tend, till
Remove the fertile grass
Open it up
Make canals, neighbor coaches
Over the fence
Ice on tongue
The thick mud tough dirt must thin
Rain fell late last night
A voice; she commands from the far banister
Mix in sand to soften the ground
That will help
I plant
Rows 1 2 3 seeds 2 3 4
Eggplant, tomato, beans, and more
Old man leans from the high porch
Beans in back, he shouts
They run the fence
Ice on tongue
I am a village
Hopeful, anticipating
A basket: colorful, crowded, full
Delicious provision
From our land, from my hands
We wait
Ice on tongue
Dirty brown nails
Achy joints
The sun dims
Happy at ease
I watch
Sticks in the ground
Mark the rows
Ice on tongue
Banana tree sway breeze
Clouds ahead
Means more rain
Seeds will sing
I think I almost hear them now
Growing in the mud sand dirt
Before my eyes
I am anxious
Ice on tongue
Body worn
I slouch
I should get up
Can't move though
I am tired, done


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bi Myself

I thirst
Lips I see first
Full burst like tangelo fruit
Wish I knew how soft
Tell you the truth
A smile crescent moon bright
Greets me inside her door
Lights up the store
Happy to see my old face
Me she remembers
It has been since last
Moments we share
Again in her shop I am here
Chance wanders in
We exchange lessons, woes
Romantic mind drifts
If I ask would she who knows
Paradise has flaws
Love many drawers
I am broken
I come damaged
She has not a clue
What I want to do
What I can't
Hollow breath on spirit's floor
I can feel taste dream
But I can't
Cemented it seems
On the fence fear to dare
The rhythm of my heart
Beats moves beats
I can't go there
Tortured soul skips speaks
It knows better
Play a game
Zero score
No more

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Break Up

I surrender
To a misguided dream
You I can't have
Fully on my team
Spoiled teardrops in milk
Rain floods the soul windows
I know for sure
No love surprise
Knees clap
An old tree back
The corner moves three squares
Check, I don't play chess
I can't dress chairs
Channel 304 says
Live the best me
My heart climbs
Into the sea
Of Cheerios, soy spilling off the rim
Killing mom's fancy cloth
I shudder, a click
Hello, still there

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mango Eyes

Along a stretch of road
I spot a huge tree
My belly begins to churn
I want what's dangling before me
I press against the country fence
I stare high at the green turning yellow
A voice like wind startles, 'ello
Why watch so far up
You don’ 'ave mango eyes, she said
Look dat one right dere, big an' red
Look see on dis limb too, 'ere's anoda
You wan' tas’e
Gimme a dolla
Come, come visitor
Come inside Mary ya'd
Don’ min' dem strays
Dey bark but not bad
How much you wan'
Eat now o take 'way
Dey full an' juicy
Goin' make you stay
First when you break da skin
Meh fruit does delight
‘Cause I does feed it love
Day an' night
Come, come
Pick wha' you see
Jus' remember
It's meh only tree
Meh fruit
Meh life
An’ it takes care ah me

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HEALING by Miss Visions (Guest Blogger)

I learned how to love & for that I'm grateful
I learned how to be loved though you were unfaithful
I learned how to forgive & not let myself die
I made mistakes too, it's not all on you
Holding myself accountable and taking my life back
Through the hurt and pain
I learned valuable lessons
Things I'd never change because they've been a blessing
Fortified my strength & revealed my weaknesses
I didn't believe my strength nor recognize my value
An emotional prisoner but now I'm paroled
Had to be broken to be made whole

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Nothing comes
Nothing may
Today no words
I can't play

I squeeze my head
Forcing sounds
Trying to rhyme
But no nouns

Nothing, nothing
Almost noon
Not a note
Not a tune

Okay don't fret
Another day
Maybe tomorrow
Something to say

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Am Hope

I am the moon
Trying to rope the sun
My day is not done
I am the dim at night
Wanting to be the light of day
Before life closes out
I am a shimmer
Longing for renewal's shine
There is still time
I am a piercing howl
Reaching for a joy scream
Too early to give in
I am a gleam
Ready to illuminate
I live

Saturday, April 23, 2011

You Not Me

You and me
We are not the same
I seek truth
You chase fame
You follow, what they do
I lead, different game
I live in light
You slave for night's bling
I hope you pick up
When judgment rings
We are brothers, yes
But you want it fast
Adoring screams
Vinyl rainbows of gold
And I want a steady slow
Sun to feed my soul

Sunday, March 27, 2011

All Along

Have you been to Caesars Palace
To watch the blue sky
Mine more beautiful from this side
Real cloud patches roll by

I half float on the water
Knees bent, toes brush the sand
Arms stretched, pulled long
Holding imaginary rope in each hand

Ears under the aquamarine
I hear the crashing wave
She calls to me
My son be brave

I close my eyes to let her know
I'm going where I dared not to go
Into the bellows of the ocean
Through the cave of my soul
Don't know what I'll find
But there's treasure so I'm told

Below and beyond
I hear no sound
Traveling, traveling
Close to sea ground

I search for answers
To questions I don't know
My dreams swim to me
Prance, jump about and sing
I had it all along
Love acts
Not sits like a thing

Receive my child
Love's waiting for you
Open your heart
Remember, give too

You may stay she says
In her deep greenish blue
Never again hear lullabies
It's up to you

But the tide is high
It will take me to shore
I should go she says
Fear no more

She lifts me up
My eyes pop wide
I breathe on top
I awake inside

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Alone with myself
Peaceful sky and ocean blue
Contemplating you

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If I Had Hair

If I had hair
I'd take beautiful care
Style it long and short
From here to there
Slick it spike it fro it wide
Little tight wild bright
Zigzags on the side
Wear it as art
Not give a fu-fu-fart
Rip the streets
Let it blow like a video
If I had hair

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I know that it
You can't help
On it in it from it won't quit
Crack a lackin crack
Raised in deep wack
Living, spewing out smack
Born crazy is the case against you
Your mind's not your own
I know
You're grown
You want I leave you alone
Look at you
Your swagger mimics
Boyz n the Hood
And the hanging smirk
Camouflaging your face
Doesn't hide the sad in your eyes
Which lumps in my throat
I see the good wolf
Trying to escape
I want from you
Gotta rewire
What you do

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Was Now I Am

I was sitting in a tree
Drifting free
Burn blew my brain
Feeling home again
Clarity formed like
A ghost alien swallowed me whole
It heaved, pushed
And lifted my soul
Only mellow knows
What 20 minutes can do
Zapping people's crazy
Like a VH 1 pop up video
Zap! Splat!
The noise
Now flat

Monday, March 7, 2011


Phone ringin'
Someone's radio blastin'
Yard cat singin'
Chil'ren in pool laughin'
In bed wrapped in head noise
Can't do life's dance

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Carnival in meh face
Masqueraders whining dey waist
Bacchanal in deh place

Friday, March 4, 2011


like a summer breeze
sauntering through morning's ease
smiling if I please

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fool No More

A fool a fool
Many times before
Can't be a fool for you
Not again no more

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Early morning
I rise before the sun
I hear the call already
Of the Chachalaca
I yawn
I stretch my arms to God
I pray for rain
To wet my chile pepper seeds
I pushed them into the ground yesterday
I pray for strength
To ignore father's biting words
I can't predict may come
I must work hard today
Days are for that
Nights I rest
Time to brew a cup
I pray
I do my best

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Secret Kiss

Behind the house
Between two water tanks
We snuggle
Your legs close to your chest
My arm uses your thigh as a rest
Neighbor banana tree shades us
Her palms sway with the wind
Almond tree in Mister yard
Protects us from view
So we may kiss
As secret lovers do
Before raindrops fall
And Mister finds us
Hurry soon I miss you

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Think Too Much

Days grow short
Nights stretch long
Tomorrow holds no guarantee
It is not the movies
Where the guy gets the girl
Held up in a furnished place
I feel withdrawing
A mood transcending
When is my growth
Soul searching
I am the one that matters
Enjoying my company
Craving solitude
Longing inner peace
What I don't know won't hurt
The party does not tempt
I will not glamour up
I want to be alone
In my thoughts
There I am free
Or am I
You are what you think
I think I am a fool

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Afternoon Dung

Went for manure at the farm
Wearing a tee and cap terribly warm
Gonna mix it with red sand
Spread it on my land
And watch the trees grow big and strong
Before I left I had a funny
Twenty cows began to surround me
Dashed to get my last bag
Stepped on a clump
My foot sunk
And I was stuck for a few
Wet cow poo
All in my shoe

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How I Feel

What can I say
To make it okay
Your heart I want to mend
Let me be your lover friend
The others didn't prepare
Didn't stroll your garden with care
Didn't tend the rose that's you
Hello there
I've been listening
For you to feel the way I do
To love me too
Must I ask again
To be more than friend
Like a flame
You light my soul
Make me feel real
Make me whole
I can't ask again
I can't
Say how I really feel
I guess I wait

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Days

Stomping in rain puddles
Sledding on snowy streets
Cones from ice cream trucks
Catching crawfish in creeks
Fireflies in a jar
Dandelions blow afar
Riding Big Wheels around the block
Splashing friends in the pool
Soft kisses behind the school
Saturday at the movies
I remember when

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mixed Up Crazy Wonderful

The gifted are homeless
Pretty people too short to model
Nurturing women childless
Born leaders follow and waddle

Arab boys parlent francais
Chinese girls hablan espanol
Gelato shops in Athens
Many worship the playa del sol

We talk by typing
Listen to talk TV
We date by skyping
What a mixed up crazy
Wonderful world
This is for me

Crepes and kebabs
New York street fairs
Senegalese on the Champs
Sell their wares

Saudis into Oprah
Tunisians in sushi bars
Russian boxer mom
Lives German life
Portuguese guy in Auckland
Studies English far from Sao Paulo home
Ethiopian Canadian
Journeys Dubai on her own

Adventure across country
No one knows your name
In search of more or less the same
Atlanta to Los Angeles three days
Paris to Amsterdam cafes

Art on the body
Express love honor connection
Vanity is big mind business
Obsession with size and complexion
What is wrong with gray hair

Woman sees Christ in toast
Man guards train station with rifle
Why when I put forth current day thought
For you to hear me I have to cite the bible
The constitution, law or ancestral view
These geniuses had what when they wrote this stuff
Couldn't I be the future just a bright fellow too
Couldn't what I say just be enough

Imagine a world without difference
A place you did not belong
No color no fragrance no soft or hard
A heart silent without song

Imagine joy and laughter
From everyone you meet
Clean water from the pipe
Red cherries on the tree
Less concrete under your feet

What an amazing time
To be alive and live in truth
Where people are a quarter, half
Three-eights this and that
And a hundred percent
Embracing youth

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Something In the Air

I hate to sit inside sad
But this is the space
I guess I should embrace

Almost two in the morning
A loved one has a scare
I rush to the hospital
To get him there

Mustering courage
Fooling fear
I try not to think
The stories they would tell
If he doesn't make it
I just have to get to where
White pills in a plastic cup
Quickly heal
Killer attacks in his chest

Stretched out on the bed
He writhes in pain
Between each bawl is a moan
My eyes switch and rest on her
His life partner
Is she feeling alone

She keeps repeating
If you weren't here
If you weren't here
I don't know what I'd do
I hope to ease the worry
I say you don't have to
I'm not going anywhere

Split seconds
But every minute seems an hour
I juggle tiredness aloneness
Calm concern duty and care

Needles in his arm
Tests run
No results up
Before the sun

Minutes after four
I drive her home
She needs to rest
I want to sleep
I never went to bed that night
I lie down and fight to stay awake
I wait for the sun and day to break

I frown about the road back
But I'm not the one in pain
So at the country hospital
Here I am again

Six twenty I'm bedside
He's better eyes more wide
Doctor comes to share
Angina has him here
A pill under the tongue
He will be okay

What was all that talk before
About death and dying
Is something in the air
Too much free open denying
Nothing but time stress despair

That was three days ago
Now first day of the year
More worrisome news I hear
Another loved one in the sick hotel
Many miles away
No one knows yet
If he'll be okay

I need to be held
Finish the race
Stay the course
Life is good
It gives you what it would
Lessons everyday
Time to love give pray

When my brain is dead
What will carry forth
When my heart stops singing
Do tunes still play

Slippers on the floor
No feet on the ground
I'm lying on the bed
Telling myself
Hold on
Stay strong