Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mango Eyes

Along a stretch of road
I spot a huge tree
My belly begins to churn
I want what's dangling before me
I press against the country fence
I stare high at the green turning yellow
A voice like wind startles, 'ello
Why watch so far up
You don’ 'ave mango eyes, she said
Look dat one right dere, big an' red
Look see on dis limb too, 'ere's anoda
You wan' tas’e
Gimme a dolla
Come, come visitor
Come inside Mary ya'd
Don’ min' dem strays
Dey bark but not bad
How much you wan'
Eat now o take 'way
Dey full an' juicy
Goin' make you stay
First when you break da skin
Meh fruit does delight
‘Cause I does feed it love
Day an' night
Come, come
Pick wha' you see
Jus' remember
It's meh only tree
Meh fruit
Meh life
An’ it takes care ah me

1 comment:

  1. awesome post..
    I felt like having one when i was reading.