Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lady Love I

A sweet blackberry
In the oyster pearl
The moon's howl
Sends my heart awhirl

Coffee hills and valleys
A majestic see
Curves of grace
Calls to me

Warm crimson henna
On the hand petite
A vine of little flowers
Stretch the arm complete

Gentle feet
Adore with my tongue
Cleanse the sole
Concerto no. 21

Lick the ruby red stone
Pierced in your neck
Bow head to the diamond cross
Adorned in the cleft of your breast

Brush your hair
Spy at chance
Massage your light
A poetic dance

Drink your joy tears
Swallow one
Pops in my mouth
Cherry ecstasy gum

Lay soft kisses
Lovingly upon you
Taste each drop
The afternoon dew

Mint candy breath
Honey wine lips
Vintage your year
Naturally squeezed
Delicious brown Asian pear

Pulp soft and true
I drown in your essence
Intoxicating grind
Blowing my mind

I submit
My chariot on fire
The goodness inside

Bathe long in your night fragrance
Absorb your morning new
Caress your rose petals
Simply loving you


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Pacing in circles
Going no where
Leave me
Leave me be
Let me drown in hypocrisy
I want to walk uncomfortable
In my own skin
Falling at the ground
Of a world I thought I knew within
After tear
After fear
After scare
After year
Just leave me
Leave me be
Leave me lying here
You say my eyes so beautiful
When tears fall
My skin so thin
Every feeling gets in
But my name's not Leeloo
My hair not orange glow
I think you're trying
Trying to prick my mind
Fool my heart again
I'm not blind
Leave me
Leave me be
Let me live
All or nothing
Miserably free
You want pull my shell
Well, if you do I die
Go ahead
I'm already bleeding
Give it one more try
Bash my brain
With empty songs
Woes nobody knows
Strangle me
With half truth all lies
Give me the earth you despise
Leave me
Let me go
Pushing sea through my window
Flooding my head
I'm counting rain clouds
Trapped on the bed
Feeling like a hundred wars
Covered in snores
Here, these are yours
Bang bang, dead