Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ice on tongue
Cools me down
I sit
On the red clay step
My afternoon spot
Back propped
On the white laundry door
I rest
Legs lazy sprawled
Nearly touching the stones
Ice on tongue
Old man says
Today is perfect
Plant vegetables if you may
A feast
The body and blood
His teachings say
A good harvest will come
Sow on Corpus Christi
Ice on tongue
It may be true
I want to please
Something to do
Lady next door
Her okra garden
3 inches already
Excites me
Ice on tongue
Early, long
I work
My one old shovel
It holds me
Good enough
A small bed in the corner
I tend, till
Remove the fertile grass
Open it up
Make canals, neighbor coaches
Over the fence
Ice on tongue
The thick mud tough dirt must thin
Rain fell late last night
A voice; she commands from the far banister
Mix in sand to soften the ground
That will help
I plant
Rows 1 2 3 seeds 2 3 4
Eggplant, tomato, beans, and more
Old man leans from the high porch
Beans in back, he shouts
They run the fence
Ice on tongue
I am a village
Hopeful, anticipating
A basket: colorful, crowded, full
Delicious provision
From our land, from my hands
We wait
Ice on tongue
Dirty brown nails
Achy joints
The sun dims
Happy at ease
I watch
Sticks in the ground
Mark the rows
Ice on tongue
Banana tree sway breeze
Clouds ahead
Means more rain
Seeds will sing
I think I almost hear them now
Growing in the mud sand dirt
Before my eyes
I am anxious
Ice on tongue
Body worn
I slouch
I should get up
Can't move though
I am tired, done


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bi Myself

I thirst
Lips I see first
Full burst like tangelo fruit
Wish I knew how soft
Tell you the truth
A smile crescent moon bright
Greets me inside her door
Lights up the store
Happy to see my old face
Me she remembers
It has been since last
Moments we share
Again in her shop I am here
Chance wanders in
We exchange lessons, woes
Romantic mind drifts
If I ask would she who knows
Paradise has flaws
Love many drawers
I am broken
I come damaged
She has not a clue
What I want to do
What I can't
Hollow breath on spirit's floor
I can feel taste dream
But I can't
Cemented it seems
On the fence fear to dare
The rhythm of my heart
Beats moves beats
I can't go there
Tortured soul skips speaks
It knows better
Play a game
Zero score
No more