Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fast Train

Sitting on the 4
Fourteen eyes
Maybe more
Stare down the floor
I'm breathing
Breathing I don't know
The express is hitting hard
Rattling through the yard
Gotta get to the city
No time for delay
My thoughts on display
I'm breathing
Breathing I don't knows
No one looks, never
Left or right, eyes
Straight across shut real tight
Only me who moves
Glancing up to see
Curious me
Wanna feel the ride
Baby I'm breathing
Breathing like a spy
I see seven pairs in a row
How broken kicks flow
Sneakers, flips and boots
Crossed and linked apart
Toe kissing, heal clicking
Sign of the times
On their way, work and play
Or maybe just mayhem today
Gotta get paid anyway
Nobody's really gonna say
Rushing, open, closing, in and out
Two stops to go about
But I wanna know
Alone in the push
What won't our bodies show
Our minds conceal
I'm breathing
Breathing I don't know


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