Saturday, July 23, 2011

Does Anybody Care

Stripped bare
Do you care
I'm stripped
Stripped bare

My soul's on fire
Heart in ice
Is this hell
Or sacrifice

Stripped bare
Does anybody care
Everyday nightmare

Run, running scared
What, what have I done
Spirit haunted
Devil's game zero one

Stripped I'm bare
Why do you care
Broken, stripped
Dry eyes no tear

Lodged in a corner
In a box I made
Digging out
Way deep I wade

Stripped bare
Who care
Naked me
Lying here

No one knows
What burns
My eyes every turn
Dark no more surprise

Stripped bare
No don't care
Feel for the
End be near

Does anybody care
Stripped bare
Does anybody care


1 comment:

  1. My interpretation of this poem is that the individual have lost everything in life. He has gone though such a deep lost that he decided to just strip down. Strip everything from life, despite the possibility of humiliation, but it doesn't matter because everyone around him doesn't seem to care. His thought is just take out all the non-sense in life, and become naked and pure again, in hopes of starting over :)