Sunday, March 27, 2011

All Along

Have you been to Caesars Palace
To watch the blue sky
Mine more beautiful from this side
Real cloud patches roll by

I half float on the water
Knees bent, toes brush the sand
Arms stretched, pulled long
Holding imaginary rope in each hand

Ears under the aquamarine
I hear the crashing wave
She calls to me
My son be brave

I close my eyes to let her know
I'm going where I dared not to go
Into the bellows of the ocean
Through the cave of my soul
Don't know what I'll find
But there's treasure so I'm told

Below and beyond
I hear no sound
Traveling, traveling
Close to sea ground

I search for answers
To questions I don't know
My dreams swim to me
Prance, jump about and sing
I had it all along
Love acts
Not sits like a thing

Receive my child
Love's waiting for you
Open your heart
Remember, give too

You may stay she says
In her deep greenish blue
Never again hear lullabies
It's up to you

But the tide is high
It will take me to shore
I should go she says
Fear no more

She lifts me up
My eyes pop wide
I breathe on top
I awake inside

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