Monday, December 19, 2011

Blue Freedom

I'm dressed in blue

Me too

I have no choice
It's a choice for you
You wear shorts
A clean, toothpaste smile
It's been broken for a while
Standing as a soldier
In an army of wars with myself
Scaling a cell wall hearing
Shotguns I once fired in my head
Making beats on the cage door
Lockdown it's been eight
Ten years more
All for a fuckin' score

Yeah I'm not in that box like you
No prison guard telling me what to do
But I'm trying to cope
Stay alive too
I'm not in total hell
But this frying pan of a world, well
I'm in hot oil and it's pricking me
So no, I don't want to be you
I've got my own blue
But be careful what you think is free
I'm not sure that's me


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