Tuesday, March 20, 2012

for the New Year

Are you still with that man?
The one you call
"He ain't my husband,
he's just a man I live with"
You know, I'm back in the village
I can't stop thinking of you
Let me give you sweets
for the New Year
Are you still working life down?
Beating your heels on the hot ground
Dodging near misses and close calls
Dragging your crown all over town
I've got a nicer ride
I eat better too
I know it doesn't matter
I'm just telling you
Let me give you sweets
for the New Year
How's the little one?
Does she work the five and dime?
You know, it's a different world
Don't spend her time
She deserves wings
to soar; so much more
Are you ready?
You're holding on
to boogie monsters
Don't be a fool for your strength
Stubborn false pride
Wishing everyday you'd died
Living life like it lied
Let me, let me give you sweets
Sweet nothings, sweet some things
Sweet sounds and silence
Sweet days, sweet nights
Love and balance
Sweet times, peace
Higher aims to know
Sweet inspiration
to get up and go


1 comment:

  1. wow what a flow u gave in those words..
    and those evoking emotions.
    it was an awesome read Simon !!