Thursday, May 3, 2012


You're stuck
in all that fuck
this and that
Shitting through your mouth
and farting on the screen
Saying you want a queen
But you're mean
Sounding like a boy hurt
Kick rocks
Eat dirt
You're a jerk
How old are you?
Nineteen, thirty-two
We don't know
Do you?
Is Leo even your name?
And is this just a game?
Teasing and provoking the sane
Inflicting word pain
All that crap you write about
And you still get Likes like
you're a poet
You're a clown
in a boy suit
Talking to girls
and sounding like a cunt
Chasing the love and fantasy
like you're really on a hunt
You bore me
with your trivial mind whine
You're so far behind
in time
in time
In time you'll be gone
Your words will fade
No girls would've stayed
You're played
Your swag rained over
like a two-leaf clover
Move, I got this
Nice don't finish last
Strong, sweet, sincere
Not a thing of the past
Watch this
Watch this
Watch this right here


1 comment:

  1. fantastically described all the jerks all around :P