Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Standing There

Hazy lazy
No more burn
The day's light dimmed
Half past five
I'm holding on
Your soft skin
So warm on me
The sign of the cross
Is the sway of the palm tree
The earth's whisper blows
Like love on me
A better fit
You on me
Goldfish eyes
Sweet heavy lids
Over my shoulder
One foot lost in the sand
A little orange painted toe
Bores a hole
Like a crab digging out
Inhale exhale
Tiredness says hello
We should head for home
But we don't leave
We can't let go
We're in a close embrace
A lover's moment
We feel too good
Hugging, holding, standing there
A pair



  1. Goldfish eyes
    Sweet heavy lids..
    love the metaphors u use :)

    visiting after a long time
    hope u doing fine simon !!!

  2. thanks jyoti! and i love the social commentary with your poetry. it's inspiring. i'm well...trying to write as much as i can.

  3. Welcome Simon !!
    m glad u liked it :)

    Keep writing