Tuesday, February 11, 2014

For Christmas

All I want for Christmas
is ham baking,
pastelles making,
poncha creme,
and the smell of sorrel boiling
on the stove.

All I want for Christmas
is sweet bread, holiday cookies,
drunk black cake,
and butter bread by the loaves.

All I want for Christmas
is children playing,
family praying,
eating, drinking, laughing,
and rejoicing.

What I want
is peace
between husband and wife,
and brother and sister.
Neighbors behaving
Young and old respecting
each other, and the earth.

I want all to have good health;
the honor to reach old age,
and the blessing to afford it.

I want leaders to lead
Teachers to teach
Students passionate-about something
People to speak their truth,
live their best life,
and know their heart's desire.

I want the world
to renew its contract with kindness.
I'm Sorry
Excuse Me
Thank You

This Christmas
give me a song of joy
to lift the heart
of every girl and boy.

All I want
is to be home
because there's no place like home,
home, home.

While you line the cupboard shelves
Wait for Santa and his elves
Celebrate the birth of Christ
Forgive yourself
Live in gratitude, faith
and dream, dream
bigger than you know.

That's all I want.

dat ain't all.
I want a wifey
and an old year's night date.
And a Stag right now
Yuh hearing me?


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