Monday, November 29, 2010

The Office

Often times in many pockets
in many cities across vast land
families are sprung

At first bonding is resisted

We are people of unique and singular
yet similar backgrounds
that know the sensitivity in difference
and halt at the doorsteps of oneness

But in time
the song of laughter begins to play

And it plays louder and louder
until we
although understanding our differences
accept and appreciate our similarities

And the song of laughter plays on
and it becomes familiar and
we are intertwined

Suddenly we are singing and dancing with ease

As easy as can be expected
like any family

We are a unit
we share

We are affected
by each other's highs
and lows

We give
and sometimes we take

Until unexpectedly
one member must leave
the protected unit

And then there's cake

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