Saturday, November 13, 2010

Woman's Work

Stupid, stupid, stupid
Some will may call you stupid
Why don't you move on, they yell and beg
But you look at them, stone-faced
Eyes burning out words in the air that say
You don't know, know, know
You don't really know because your feet are too big or
Your feet are too small and you have never walked in my shoes
So you smile, you say nothing, you walk away
Because you don't have to answer them
You don't have to have the last word
You are not indebted to them
You walk away
You walk away
Sometimes you cuss them under your breath
Sometimes you question their motives
Sometimes maybe they hurt you
Or laugh at you or pity you without saying so
And they don't even realize you caught that
In their condescending glare in one eye
But you don't care because you know what you do, why you do it
And those times that you are led to new, different
Or maybe familiar places or thoughts
And not sure what led you to step in that manner
God knows
So you walk away with comfort in your heart
Not worrying about the naysayers because
You know it's between you and God
And so you walk away, and get to the end of the block
And turn the corner and begin laughing with God
You and God laugh and laugh and laugh
Because only God shares your secrets of the heart, soul and spirit
So I say, go on with your bad self
Go on
Keep walking
I, like others, the theys
Don't want you to be hurt and disappointed and to ever feel bad
And maybe I project my own wants for you
I'm not sure
But I say this
What I see is courage and generosity, not stupidity
The courage and willingness to endure good and bad
To keep your family together
To persevere against odds and sometimes into the dark
Because you see the needs in the eyes of your daughters
And you may not want to think
That this is the work of a companion or a wife
Down to the last day that you're no longer a wife
The work of a mother, and a woman
All you may know is that in its basic terms
There are things you have or need to do
And there are only so many hours in a day
So you get busy
And in your humble way you work through the connections
The connection to your family, your parents, children
And their fathers
So you get busy, maybe sometimes thinking you are powerless
Ineffective, not thanked or appreciated
Burdened by many people's
Wants and needs
But you are powerful
Because you are truly the center, the source, the energy
And everyone comes back to you
The core, the center
The good place
Because that's where their spirit, value
And good sense of self emanates from
So I say a woman's job is never done
And you are courageous and generous
With your time, your love
Your ability to believe, and your ability to feel and care for
So I thank you for you, and I know others do to
And so I say again, go on with your bad self
Go on with your bad self
Go on
Go on
Go on

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