Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nobody Has to Know

I can barely see
Locking my front door
I swagger fast to the car
I gotta get some more
Two in the morning
Eyelids sag body hums
I'm on a sweet mission
Anxious for a score
Lil Man on the passenger side
He's geeking shotgun
He wants to ride
Brown bag of cash
Under the seat
Tucked away
Near Lil Man's feet
I'm geeking
I think sixteen minutes or so
Straight left right then right
To get to the candy ho
I'm the driver hands tight at three and nine
Cap pulled down they think
I'm undercover for real
So Lil Man he gonna make the deal
I roll in
Dim lights
Park a half block away
Okay hurry it up I say
Mother love lady snow
I dunno
Why Lil Man tastes the devil inside
Risk a hit take it dead
Well it ain't my head
But I'm geeking freaking
What's taking so long
Lil Man pull your pants up
Come the geek on
Or imma be gone
Can't take the waiting
Get the girls and go
So we can do it
Naked at home
And nobody has to know
Three cars pass
I slide down in my seat
Stomach punches me
Chest drums a new beat
Okay stop sweating
Here comes Lil Man
Face twisted hand balled in a fist
He says let's go
He opens his wrist
Eyes big like full moons
Candy from the candy store
I speed home to seven one five
Jeans hit the floor
As we hit the door
We ready
We ready to go some more

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