Sunday, February 21, 2010


As the sun beamed down on her she continued to sit still, legs crossed and dangling over the edge of the square's fountain. She was neatly wrapped in her coat, gloves, and a large bold print scarf that covered her head, crossed under her neck and draped over the back of her shoulders. She had found a warm spot to wait for her lover Kenichi.
It was a sunny but brisk Saturday morning about eleven. Natasha got there promptly at ten fifty-eight. That day she got up early and attended to her household chores all the while plotting how to head out to meet Kenichi without anyone knowing.
Madam Bellai, I am going to the market and then to see a sick friend.
Where is this sick friend?
She is in Curau at home with her mother.
Madam Bellai looked at Natasha with a glaring eye, wondering if this young child was telling a story.
Very well, don't be on the streets too long.
Yes Madam Bellai.
Natasha turned and headed for her room. Madam Bellai called after her.
And dress warmly, it's a cold one out today. And be back to help for dinner.
Yes Madam Bellai.
It was now ten minutes pass eleven and the wind was picking up. Natasha sat patiently. She hoped Kenichi had not forgotten about their plans to meet.
He didn't. He was en route. He set his time accurately and planned his slip away. He too had to meet in secret because their love was forbidden.

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