Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Darren's Party

Last night I enjoyed myself
At a small get-together
Mellow happy people
Couples coupled coupling uninhibited free freewill
Not man woman man and woman but person people persons
Artists creativity hanging from the wall
Family family friends
A good time all night long
Pretenses unspoken words actions speak louder than was
I surprised amazed caught off guard
Nah I'm keen perceptive
I can feel the vibrations and ride the wave
of energies as a surfer
Using risk challenge capturing the essence of this
Energy and riding riding high
I'm happy watching watching
I'm looking at you
Tonight's the night the ni-gh-ht
Winding down my head rests on the bed
Pounding and pounding
I feel good meeting new
I love
It's beautiful
A total attraction of the attracted the
different the new the old young
Meet again

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