Thursday, March 11, 2010

gotta get a girl

i wanna punch u in the face
ur a fuckin' disgrace
wasting my damn time
second by minute by hour
i can't get back
a slow night as I sit in this chair
clicking and ctrl alt deleting in despair
u stall and freeze
and take forever to download
damn ur a bitch
in gangsta mode
come the fuck on
would u please
my boxers' at my damn knees
what's with this slow ass machine
when i'm tryin' to watch porn
come the fuck on
do i gotta stroke u too, boo
but u ain't my lover
u mean and my girl
she's on the screen
ready to beg for it
once i hit play
she's gonna grind 'n groan
moan and I don't mind
if her breast are big or not
i'm gonna get mine off anyway
as soon as u fuckin' load
i'm not begging again
like a mofo
u grimy so 'n so
ah fuck it
i'm goin' to bed

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