Friday, March 19, 2010

Time for Toes

In the East
The season’s almost here
Very near
It’s time for toes
The line’s already down the block
At Mrs. Bowes
To get a Pedi

I eat my chicken sandwich
On the corner
Like a loiter
But don't care no matter
I wanna
See ladies coming out the shop
I gotta thing for feet and toes
And nobody knows

It's a secret
And I'm tryin’ to keep it
So I can't stay out long
I gotta go do my homework
In history we’re studying Asia
This week it’s Hong Kong

But I wanna study toes
So I stand in front of Mrs. Bowes
Salon hoping they'd pose
For me while I take a picture
With my eyes and mind
It’s time
Time for toes

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