Monday, March 15, 2010

ugh! train

annoying rider
being who you are
and how you live as yourself
you think you’re a star
you sit next to me on the train
you stumble, hit me with your cane
and your little bag too
you sit and knock me again
i mention a cane but it’s plain
to see you’re not old or frail
never a look or a word or an expression
of pardon or excuse me from you
i say nothing
you pull out your book to read
and the pages brush my leg
you click your pen on and off again and again
click on click off click on click off click on click off click
you’re a dick
i look over but you don't notice
or realize you’re a bother
you begin to read aloud
okay you stop after two sentences
you move your elbow and hit me again
it's a big enough space for you to fit, man
it's not like you’re home at your kitchen table
so you have to make do
we all do
i already squeezed over as much as i could
and distracted by you more than you knew
oh good
you’re getting off at the next stop
but not without another bip bop

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